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6th [Video]


[Iris looks somewhat troubled, frowning a little with her brows knitted in worry, one hand on her hip.]

There's gotta be some moms and dads here, right? A big brother or a big sister, maybe? Somebody who's taken care of a baby?

... I need some help finding teething toys, there's gotta be a substitute from my hair.

[And with that terribly vague message, the feed ends!]
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[Pinged by mom, but also pinged by her hair being chewed on since that's sort of funny.]

Anything soft and at a size baby can't swallow whole should work. Make sure the material is something someone should put in a mouth, too. Oh, if you can, make sure it's cold since the lower temperature feels better on new teeth growing in.

If you can't fine something like that, your hair seems to be doing well. It should be okay as long as none of it is swallowed.
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voice 1/2

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Just Kushina is fine. [Wait for it


for it]
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A-As wide as your face?!
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[That poor washcloth. Kushina stares.

What the heck. That's not a baby -- not one she's expecting anyway. She's reminded of Linda and the talk about evolution and Masaomi called her something.]

Hey. That's not a pokemon, is it?
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noooo problemo

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[Embarrassed at being put on the spot, Kushina rubs the back of her head.]

Yeah, a little. My friend was teaching me about Pokemon evolution a while back. It's like a tadpole turning into a toad, right? [METAPHORS.]

He's got a Chu. [Wait, no.] I mean, a Raichu.

What's yours? Gible you said?
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You can have more than one? [This is said more to herself since it seemed more like a partner thing than a team thing, from what she had come to understand. But how does she not know what a tadpole or toad is... ?

But SHOUTING OKAY. Normally this would make Kushina pull back but it's more cute, in this case. She's blasting topics at her left and right and Kushina tries to keep up, smiling a bit.]

His name is Masaomi and the Raichu's name is Linda. I knew her as a Pikachu first but she recently evolved into a Raichu. [If she doesn't include Linda she feels like she'll regret it later.]

Do all your pokemon have huge mouths and chew on hair like Gible?
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kick its butt!!!

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[Right. Ninja teams were at least four people, so a team for battling makes sense. Why was it just the two for Masaomi and Linda then?

Kushina grins a bit at the 'cute', rubbing the back of her head while mumbling "Is that so?". Luceti was a small world.

Cute and Masaomi in the same breath isn't something she would do, however. He was likeable enough, a good person. Irritating at times but Kushina thought a lot of people were annoying and it didn't stop her from calling him a friend.

... Live in what?

And there is a thing in her hair. A Pokemon thing. IS THAT WHY IT'S SCARY AND FEROCIOUS? She does look surprised but then she laughs.]

Your Pokemon really like your hair.
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plays battle music!!!!

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[Yeah. All she knows is Masaomi is from some weird world with a ton of people and crappy jokes.]

I like your hair just fine.

[HAIR IT'S A THING WITH HER but she's kind of charmed by the Axew. Pokemon are pretty cute. She waves back just as cheerfully, grinning.]

Hm? You never asked. You never told me your name, either.