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❃IRIS; Say goodbye to the yesterday when you'd run away from being hurt

Even though the wind is still strong.

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Name:Iris 「アイリス」
Birthdate:Sep 23
An image of a winged Iris.

Age: 10
Sex: Female
Home: the trees the Village of Dragons and the surrounding forest (orphaned, half-wild)
Wings: purple, matching hair, but now with blue flame-like wingtips
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon: Kibago/Axew, Doryuzuu/Excadrill, Emonga/Emolga (both absent from Luceti), Kairyuu/Dragonite, and Fukamaru/Gible

  • Canon: Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes!

  • Played by: [info]inkedfeathers
  • [Iris is property of Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, GameFreak, the Pokemon Company, and ShoPro. I am not affiliated with any of them, nor am I gaining any profit from the use of this journal. This is only for fun! ♥]

    Interests (15):

    climbing trees, cute pokemon, dent, doryuzuu, kibago, my all-purpose hair, not ice type pokemon!, satoshi, scouring for berries, sleeping in trees, swinging on vines, teasing satoshi, the isshu region, what's a backpack for?, zekrom
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