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[Iris looks somewhat troubled, frowning a little with her brows knitted in worry, one hand on her hip.]

There's gotta be some moms and dads here, right? A big brother or a big sister, maybe? Somebody who's taken care of a baby?

... I need some help finding teething toys, there's gotta be a substitute from my hair.

[And with that terribly vague message, the feed ends!]
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ATTENTION, LUCETI! [Iris is standing outside, in the village, carrying her Gible.]

Or, you know, just that one person whose wall we broke when we got here a few days ago, no idea who you are, but sorry. Gible got scared when it couldn't recognize the place and kinda-accidentally-maybe chewed through a wall a little.

Reaaaally sorry! [Despite the rushed speech, trying to play it off like nothing, she really does look remorseful! Meanwhile the Dragon Type in her arms looks distracted by something offscreen until Iris gives it a look and it quickly looks down like a chastised schoolchild.

Camera's focus switches to a rather decently-sized hole in the wall close to the ground, the size of a medium-sized dog.]

We could maybe come fix it for you? I've helped put together movie sets before! [Small-time, indie movies, but shhhh.] I got a hammer!

((Gible ate a small shark-dragon-sized hole to pass through during its little panicky rampage, whose home is undecided. Was it your character's?!))
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[The video feed begins with Iris carefully clipping hair a flowery hairpin to one side of her hair; the iris hairpin Cilan gifted her with. She peers closely at the camera, turning right and left, admiring it from different angles before grinning.]

Well? How do I look? Super cute, right?

[A contented Axew sits in her lap, happily munching on some food, Emolga flies around in the background, and Dragonite skulks around the corner, just out of view.]

Ash came back late, like the tardy little kid he is, so his gift had to be super-duper-EXTRA late too! [She says it with a little pout before sticking out her tongue, then she smiles again because she's just teasing (really!).]

Hope you liked your gift anyway, though!

Somehow, I have a really good feeling about today...! I feel so excited, maybe it's because Ash is here now too... I'm going to go look for Excadrill in the forest... today'll definitely be the day I'll find 'em! I can sense it.


[Ash, your gift is a simple lunch box that Iris has taken the liberty of exercising her childish artistic ability on, drawing a big, cartoony Charizard breathing fire on it. The box itself contains croquettes, because she heard from Cilan they're your favourites! Although, a good chunk of hers are kind of broken up and crumbly, not neat and picture-perfect like Cilan's. (Cut the girl some slack!)

It looks suspiciously like one or two might have been eaten, judging by the extremely brown crumbs that don't seem to fit in with the rest— oh, looks like she accidentally burned some and ate them to cover her tracks. WELL.

Silver, you get a silly drawing from Iris that shows a charmingly poorly-drawn Axew in a striped prisoner get-up, with the caption "SoRRy for BReaking And enteRing!"

Masaomi Kida, you get a T-shirt with the words "BAD INFLUENCE" drawn on it in marker. No explanation given?

Gold, you get a bright red scarf, three winter boots. The third one comes with a note that says, "SoRRy the otheR Shoe got eaten. Put Pencils in this one maybe."

Mizuno Ami, your clinic will be full of medicinal herbs, the kind Iris has been collecting for some time now. There will be little notes not-so-carefully scattered through drawers, on table-tops, some stuck to the walls, on their uses and different means of preparation... all written in very clumsy kana. Bear with her! ♥

Otono-Tachibana Makie, you will receive a group of apples, haphazardly tied together with ribbon, with a note that bears nothing a simple thank you「ありがとう」 and a pawprint! Emolga's, no doubt.]
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[Cilan, there will be a small gift wrapped in leaves and tied with a pink ribbon slipped under your door! It should be pretty easy to guess who that's from. It'll come with a little note written on the inside of one of the leaves too:

I got you this Because you kept going on about Gear Station! I guess you like gears.

The gift is jewelry made from an assortment of old gears purchased from Raven.

By the way Chili thinks Flirting with girls on his journal and challenging other Trainers and eating Donuts are more important than finding a place to stay.]

(Open to anyone else living there!)

[Meanwhile, an overly curious Axew is exploring any open rooms while Iris is away. Which unfortunate soul left their door open for their things to get tampered with by a baby dragon with the mentality of a five year old?]
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Okay... this is Iris! [Cue Iris looking both determined and ever so slightly like a fish out of water. Axew waves from her shoulder, but doesn't add a comment.

Here's hoping this goes well!]
Um, listen up!

Miss Natasha told me about these healers in the hospital... I didn't really want to come here, but now that I am, I might as well help out!

I've looked around in the forests and a lot of the same plants that grow in my world grow here too, so I can teach whoever's interested how to mix medicinal herbs and identify which kinds of berries are safe to eat!

So, uh... anybody interested?

[She sets down the journal on the high tree branch she's sitting on with a relieved sigh. Maybe she has a tiny bit of stage fright. Just a teeny-tiny bit.]
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—ere's some kind of camera here!

[Greetings, journal-browsers, I hope you enjoy a close-up view of the insides of a baby dragon's mouth and tusks.] Yuuuew~

Axew, stop, you're not supposed to eat it.

[The mouth draws away and you're now treated to a soggy and blurry image of a worried looking girl with round, brown eyes and a very unique hairstyle. That fluffy purple hair seems to be quite roomy, as the little green dragon has taken up roosting there, poking his head out to watch.]

I still don't really get what this thing is, or why it supposedly belongs to me... [She narrows her eyes dubiously at the screen.] But if this thing's connecting me to someone, anyone, listen up!

You picked the wrong girl to mess with! And if you think I'll let this slide just 'cause you kidnapped us and took Excadrill away, you got another thing coming!

[She shoves a threatening fist into the page, before her expression shifts with a sudden realization. Now, looking forcing an apologetic smile:] If you're not the ones responsible, I'm really sorry... I just really want to find my Pokemon and then, maybe, where I am? Look, the last thing I remember is that we were on a train to Johto... oh, I was riding with Cilan! Can you help me find Cilan too? He's a Pokemon trainer!

You can't miss him! He's got green hair that sticks up at the front, kinda like lettuce leaves, and he's pretty reliable, but he has this really annoying second personality that shows up whenever he gets excited! Come to think of it, if he were here right now, he'd probably go into another one of his "It's detective time!" moods... [She exchanges looks with her companion, before smiling wryly.]

Scratch that, if you see a weird, green-haired guy wearing a brown flappy-hat, maybe a coat, holding a magnifying glass, crawling around with his butt up in the air and sniffing at the ground like a Herdier, tell 'em Iris is looking for him, okay?

... this thing really is busted, isn't it, Axew?

[Seems she's convinced the journal isn't working.]
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A.K.A. the How's My Driving? post.

I want to play Iris as faithfully to the anime as I can, so if you have any problem with my portrayal of Iris, please do bring it up here! Or even if you would like to discuss some aspect of my portrayal that isn't covered by canon... or even if you just have a problem with the way I roleplay!

All comments are screened and anonymous comments are enabled; so don't be afraid to be honest.


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